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About Entrepreneurial Edge

The world of business is a crowded and competitive space.  A great product or idea is no longer enough to secure your place in the spotlight.  You need a dynamic strategy and solid partnerships.  You need a vantage point from where you can view with clarity, the most direct path to your success.  What you need, is the experience and guidance of successful entrepreneurs that have gone before you.  
Entrepreneurial Edge specialises in providing this level of elite business advisory and education, delivering the very best in idea commercialisation and business development, for young thought leaders and existing organisations.  We understand the power of connecting innovation with experience, harnessing decades of business principles for the benefit of future endeavours.
Our initiatives include live events, workshops and programs designed to actively guide, mentor and support the next generation of entrepreneurs in building their enterprise faster, smarter and for higher profitability.  Entrepreneurial Edge is committed to making an impact on the broader business economy by empowering the dreams of the individual. 
EE is privileged to be a sponsor of the NSW Business Chambers “Young Entrepreneurs” Awards, genuinely committed to supporting the next generation of Australian Entrepreneurs.    

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