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About Westpac
At Westpac, we have a simple philosophy; if something’s worth backing, we back it.

Founded in 1817, Westpac is Australia’s first bank and first company. A constant thread through the history of the nation, Westpac started out with the idea to create security and wealth, and to serve the Australian community.  This is at the heart of our vision and strategy today – to be one of the world’s greatest service companies, helping our companies, communities and people to prosper and grow.
Over the course of almost two centuries, Westpac has contributed to the prosperity of Australia.  It has grown, adapted and strengthened to become the country’s second largest bank.
The company, along with its 36,000 strong team provides consumer, business and institutional banking services along with wealth management, wealth administration and insurance services, to customers across Australia, New Zealand and the region.
Our customers are supported through a nationwide network of 680 branches, all equipped with Connect Now video conferencing technology giving customers real-time access to business banking specialists.  Plus 70 business banking centres, home finance managers, with the support of cash flow, financial markets and wealth specialists and customer service centres. 
Westpac also maintains branches and offices in New York, London and throughout Asia to support our customers both at home and overseas.

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